X-REL Semiconductor

Website: http://www.x-relsemi.com

Chinese Website: http://www.x-relsemi.com/index_cn.php

X-REL Semiconductor (X-REL) is a spin-off of EASii IC, dedicated to the design, manufacturing and commercialization of High Reliability and High Temperature integrated circuits (ICs).

X-REL Semiconductor offers High-Reliability and High-Temperature ICs for extremely demanding applications where failing is not an option. From deep in Space to deep in Earth, X-REL products enable to push far beyond the limits of your applications unleashing unprecedented performance. Whatever your segment of applications is, X-REL is at your side bringing reliability and innovation.

I. Application:

  • Oil / Gas & Geothermy
  • Aeronautics & Space
  • Automotive & Transportation
  • Energy & Lighting
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Industrial

II. Products:

  • Power Management
  • Signal Conditioning
  • Clock & Timing
  • Interfacing & Transceivers
  • Discretes
  • Logic
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